Arlington Real-Time Apartment Vacancy Rate at 1.20% as of April 24, 2014

According to recent data gathered from BostonPads (, New England’s premier real-time rental database, Arlington is currently experiencing a 1.20% rental vacancy rate. Of the 121,000+ apartment listings featured on the BostonPads database, 666 are for apartments located in the Arlington area, with 8 apartments currently available for rent. The number of available rentals does not include luxury buildings as this helps to ensure the highest accuracy of data.

Just six miles northwest of Boston Arlington offers a blend of suburban living with easy access to Boston’s urban sprawl, making it a popular location for families and young professionals. With a population of more than 42,000 residents and a number of local organizations and groups Arlington has an active and engaging community. Arlington also boasts a lively town center occupied by theaters (Menotomy Musical Theatre), shops (Capital Square), and restaurants (Flora, Tryst) serving up contemporary American cuisine. Residents have access to local nature trails and reserves such as the Alewife Brook Reservation, Spy Pond Park and Minuteman Bikeway that provide a quiet escape from the daily grind and city life.

As the birthplace of Uncle Sam and many momentous events during the American Revolution, Arlington enjoys a rich local history. Founded over 350 years ago, Arlington plays host to several historic sites including The Russell House, Henry Swan House and Old Scwamb Mill. The Arlington Historical Society works to preserve the history and heritage of the town in today’s modern society.

Bounded on the south by Route 2 and short distance from Interstate 93 and 95, Arlington is an easy commute into Boston. Additionally, residents can readily access public transportation via the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) through the Alewife Station located over the Arlington border on the Cambridge side via the Red Line or the 79, 80 or 87 bus lines. With the planned MBTA Green Line extension commuters will also gain access via the Mystic Valle Parkway/Route 16 station once construction is completed in the next few years.

Parking in Arlington is generally limited to off-street parking with overnight parking prohibited on public streets between 1a.m.-7a.m. The town does make exceptions for certain circumstances (i.e.: overnight guest, disabled vehicle, driveway construction, etc.) and residents can request a one night waiver online.
The majority of the Arlington’s housing consists of single-family homes, but some areas of the town feature multi-family homes, condominiums and apartments. It is truly a great area for anyone looking for the perfect mix of a suburban and urban setting with a character all its own.

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