Jamaica Plain Real-Time Apartment Vacancy Rate at 6.70% as of April 28, 2014

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of relocating to Jamaica Plain this upcoming rental season, the time is now to make a move. According to a study of data done through the industry leading BostonPads database (www.BostonPads.com) The current vacancy rate of Jamaica Plain is hovering right at 6.7% This vacancy rate was determined by utilizing Boston Pad’s massive real time apartment database of over 121,000 listings in the greater Boston area (the most of any database in New England). The Jamaica Plains area of Boston commands 1,265 of the 121,000+ total listings in the database. Out of the 1,265 listings in Jamaica Plain, only 85 listings are currently listed as being available now or available to be rented before September 1st. Luxury buildings with internal leasing departments were purposely omitted from this study to provide the highest level of accuracy. From these numbers we are able to discern Jamaica plain’s real time vacancy rate of 6.7%. For comparison sake, the real time vacancy rate of greater Boston is 6.3%

Jamaica Plain is made up of several areas including the Arboretum, Center, Forest Hills, Hyde Square, Jackson Square, Pondside, and Stony Brook. What makes JP unique is how each neighborhood has its own personality that contributes to the charm of the area as a whole. It’s boarded by Brookline to the North, West Roxbury to the South-West and by Roxbury to the East. A plethora of different housing options exist in JP, including privately owned single and multi-family homes, large apartment complexes, professionally managed buildings, high rise apartments and refurbished condos. There’s a fairly even split between long term home owning residents and shorter term renters.

Jamaica Plain commands an area of approximately 4.4 square miles. It’s often referred to as one of the greenest neighborhoods in Boston due to the high number of Emerald Necklace Parks that boarder space. Olmstead Park stretches from the Riverway south to Perkins Street and houses Leverette Pond, Willow Pond and Ward’s Pond. The lovely Jamaica Pond is a huge draw for residents who wish to utilize the space for its walking trails, fishing, rowing and sailing. Its 60 acres of surface area makes it the largest body of fresh water in Boston. The Arnold Arboretum is a 265 acre park that holds a celebrated collection of plants and is maintained by Harvard University. Franklin Park is the largest park in the city of Boston. It also is the location of the Franklin Park Zoo which is an entertaining attraction for the whole family.

Public transportation options for accessing Jamaica Plain include the Green Line, Orange Line, and Commuter Rail. The E line Green Line train makes its final passenger stop at the Heath Street Station, located just at the cusp on the Pondside section of the neighborhood. The Orange line services the vast majority of JP, with stops at Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street and Forrest Hills. The 39 bus also runs right down Centre Street and offers a reliable alternative to those who don’t live close enough to the train. The Forrest Hills station is a major hub of public transportation. There you can hop on busses that connect JP to Rosendale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Dedham, Westwood and Walpole. There are very few parking meters in JP and on street parking is free with a permit. This makes it a very desirable for the driving population. There are also a number of bicycle paths for those who are looking for a greener travel alternative.

A bustling arts and fine dining scene gives resident of JP plenty to do in their down time. The Footlight Club is the oldest community theatre in the US. Offering shows every year since 1877, the club currently resides in Eliot Hall. It currently produces 5 main shows each season including one fund raiser to insure the shows can go on. This year JP will host the first annual Porchfest. During Porchfest, friendly residents will open up their front decks to local bands that will use them as a venue to play music and entertain passersby. There are a plethora of locally owned dining options that stretch up and down Centre Street including Captain Nemo’s, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Blue Nile, Sorellas, The Haven, Canary Square, Grass Fed, The Blue Frog Bakery and Ten Tables. Jamaica Plain also lays claim to the original JP Licks, a delightful coffee and ice cream chain that has spread its way all across Boston

For anyone interested in a vibrant community that’s quickly and easily accessible to Boston’s cosmopolitan center, Jamaica Plain is an excellent option. To find the best apartment in the area, it’s incredibly valuable to contact a real estate agent with a vast network of listings and land lord relationships. A knowledgeable agent from www.jamaicaplainapartments.com can help you find the ideal mix of location, price and amenities in your new home. JamaicaPlainapartments.com is part of the largest real time apartment database in MA (BostonPads) with over 121,000 apartment listings and more than 14,760 landlords in the Greater Boston Area. Also you can check out the Jamaica Plains Pads Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/jamaica.plain.apartments