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Symphony Boston MA Apartment Availability Rate at 2.57% has completed an in-depth study of the Symphony MA area and has found the vacancy rate to stand at 2.57%. Symphony Apartments indexes over 2,059 units in the Symphony area. Of those 2,059 units, 53 are currently available for rent. Luxury units utilize internal leasing staff and often provide fluctuating vacancy rates, and for this reason, they were purposely omitted from this study.

Renters looking for the best bang for their buck should consider anything over a 2 bedroom. The average price of a studio and one bed can range from $1500-$2200 on average. Two beds on average range from $2800-$3800. With three beds and higher, one can get an apartment closer to the $1000 per person range.

Renters are drawn to a hip nightlife and an easy commute both into and out of Boston. The MBTA green line services many of the central areas of Symphony while MBTA bus lines canvas some of the more suburban areas. Sections of Symphony afford car-owners easy on-street parking as well as direct access to many major roads including Huntington Avenue, Gainsborough Street, Hemenway Street, and Massachusetts Avenue. A commuter rail station (in Ruggles) is also here for those looking for easy and affordable access points.

Renters who are looking to travel into the city can expect T commutes as short as 10 minutes into the heart of Boston. For those looking to find local entertainment, great local bars are easy to find. Symphony is home to multiple local bars and with close proximity to the Prudential Center and Back Bay, entertainment and nightlife is incredibly easy.

This 2.57% vacancy rate is higher than expected this time of year. Real time vacancy rates are usually much lower in the fall than they are during the peak rental periods when most apartments turn over. What happened with the market this year towards the end of the summer was not expected by many; a lot of units, especially in the Symphony MA area went vacant. Many landlords have started paying the broker fee and cutting prices dramatically to compete with the local market. The problem for landlords is that there is not many people still looking for an apartment in Boston. Owners for once do not have the upper hand in this market, and renters should consider seeking the professionalism and expertise provided by local agents, who know all the inventory. The agents found on SymphonyApartments are experienced in a variety of rental markets and can often find deals that solo apartment hunters cannot. Professional real estate agents found on the website have access to over 122,260 listings and over 15,030 landlord phone numbers, and will often contact them frequently trying to get the first jump on an apartment before or as it is coming to market. Agents also ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and presented to choosy owners in the best possible light. In order to avoid the headache and frustration that is inevitable in this year’s apartment hunt, consider reaching out to the experts found at Symphony Apartments.

If you are an owner with a currently vacant apartment, it is imperative to stay informed on current market trends. The experts found on Symphony Apartments have over 2,059 listings in the Symphony MA area to compare in order to help price your income property to stay competitive in this tight market. is part of the network, the largest real time apartment database in MA with over 122,262 apartment listings and more than 15,030 landlords in the Greater Boston Area. To learn more about the Symphony real estate market, check available listings, explore investment opportunities, or get in touch with a qualified agent, visit

Jamaica Plain Real-Time Apartment Vacancy Rate at 6.70% as of April 28, 2014

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of relocating to Jamaica Plain this upcoming rental season, the time is now to make a move. According to a study of data done through the industry leading BostonPads database ( The current vacancy rate of Jamaica Plain is hovering right at 6.7% This vacancy rate was determined by utilizing Boston Pad’s massive real time apartment database of over 121,000 listings in the greater Boston area (the most of any database in New England). The Jamaica Plains area of Boston commands 1,265 of the 121,000+ total listings in the database. Out of the 1,265 listings in Jamaica Plain, only 85 listings are currently listed as being available now or available to be rented before September 1st. Luxury buildings with internal leasing departments were purposely omitted from this study to provide the highest level of accuracy. From these numbers we are able to discern Jamaica plain’s real time vacancy rate of 6.7%. For comparison sake, the real time vacancy rate of greater Boston is 6.3%

Jamaica Plain is made up of several areas including the Arboretum, Center, Forest Hills, Hyde Square, Jackson Square, Pondside, and Stony Brook. What makes JP unique is how each neighborhood has its own personality that contributes to the charm of the area as a whole. It’s boarded by Brookline to the North, West Roxbury to the South-West and by Roxbury to the East. A plethora of different housing options exist in JP, including privately owned single and multi-family homes, large apartment complexes, professionally managed buildings, high rise apartments and refurbished condos. There’s a fairly even split between long term home owning residents and shorter term renters.

Jamaica Plain commands an area of approximately 4.4 square miles. It’s often referred to as one of the greenest neighborhoods in Boston due to the high number of Emerald Necklace Parks that boarder space. Olmstead Park stretches from the Riverway south to Perkins Street and houses Leverette Pond, Willow Pond and Ward’s Pond. The lovely Jamaica Pond is a huge draw for residents who wish to utilize the space for its walking trails, fishing, rowing and sailing. Its 60 acres of surface area makes it the largest body of fresh water in Boston. The Arnold Arboretum is a 265 acre park that holds a celebrated collection of plants and is maintained by Harvard University. Franklin Park is the largest park in the city of Boston. It also is the location of the Franklin Park Zoo which is an entertaining attraction for the whole family.

Public transportation options for accessing Jamaica Plain include the Green Line, Orange Line, and Commuter Rail. The E line Green Line train makes its final passenger stop at the Heath Street Station, located just at the cusp on the Pondside section of the neighborhood. The Orange line services the vast majority of JP, with stops at Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Green Street and Forrest Hills. The 39 bus also runs right down Centre Street and offers a reliable alternative to those who don’t live close enough to the train. The Forrest Hills station is a major hub of public transportation. There you can hop on busses that connect JP to Rosendale, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Dedham, Westwood and Walpole. There are very few parking meters in JP and on street parking is free with a permit. This makes it a very desirable for the driving population. There are also a number of bicycle paths for those who are looking for a greener travel alternative.

A bustling arts and fine dining scene gives resident of JP plenty to do in their down time. The Footlight Club is the oldest community theatre in the US. Offering shows every year since 1877, the club currently resides in Eliot Hall. It currently produces 5 main shows each season including one fund raiser to insure the shows can go on. This year JP will host the first annual Porchfest. During Porchfest, friendly residents will open up their front decks to local bands that will use them as a venue to play music and entertain passersby. There are a plethora of locally owned dining options that stretch up and down Centre Street including Captain Nemo’s, Kennedy Fried Chicken, Blue Nile, Sorellas, The Haven, Canary Square, Grass Fed, The Blue Frog Bakery and Ten Tables. Jamaica Plain also lays claim to the original JP Licks, a delightful coffee and ice cream chain that has spread its way all across Boston

For anyone interested in a vibrant community that’s quickly and easily accessible to Boston’s cosmopolitan center, Jamaica Plain is an excellent option. To find the best apartment in the area, it’s incredibly valuable to contact a real estate agent with a vast network of listings and land lord relationships. A knowledgeable agent from can help you find the ideal mix of location, price and amenities in your new home. is part of the largest real time apartment database in MA (BostonPads) with over 121,000 apartment listings and more than 14,760 landlords in the Greater Boston Area. Also you can check out the Jamaica Plains Pads Facebook page at

East Boston Real Time Apartment Vacancy Rate of 4.17% as of April 21, 2014

As the weather in Boston begins to heat up, so does the apartment hunt for those looking to change addresses before September 1st . Anyone interested in the East Boston MA region will find it useful to know that the apartment availability rate currently resides at 4.17%. This figure comes from an in depth analysis of – the largest real time apartment rental database in New England. Presently, contains over 121,000+ apartment listings in the Greater Boston Area.

Of these 121,000+ listings, 1,127 of them are from East Boston; a region that embraces Bremen St. Park/Airport Station, Central Square Park, Constitution Beach, Day Square, Eagle Hill, Jefferies Point, Maverick Square, Orient Heights and all the way up to Suffolk Downs. There are 47+ apartments currently listed as available in East Boston. Meaning, there are 47+ properties that are vacant now or available to be rented. This gives East Boston a real time vacancy rate of 4.17%. For comparison, the overall real time vacancy rate of Greater Boston is 6.3%.

East Boston is separated from the city proper by Boston Harbor and bordered by Winthrop, Revere, and the Chelsea Creek. In recent years, East Boston has become increasingly desirable living space for everyone, including a growing young professional crowd. Newly renovated condominiums along Jeffries Point, Maverick Square, and the Eagle Hill waterfront have become the landing spot for 20 something’s looking to get more bang for their housing buck. Residents of East Boston enjoy easy access to the Downtown Boston area via MBTA Blue Line, making it an enticing option for the Fi-Di crowd. There are also water shuttles that take people from East Boston across the harbor to the downtown district.

In addition to accommodating Logan International Airport, East Boston also boast several other points of interest including the Belle Isle Marsh Reservation, Sprawling Community Gardens, Constitution Beach, Piers Park, and a 35 foot tall statue of the Madonna (a representation of the biblical Mary, not the pop singer) which is located at the Don Orione Shrine. Suffolk Downs provides unique entertainment by way of thoroughbred horse racing. If horse racing isn’t your thing, Suffolk Down’s also hosts Boston’s Hot Dog Safari – an annual charity benefit that features and all you can eat hot dog, sausage and ice cream buffet.

Contrary to the crowded lots of Boston Proper, parking in East Boston is a breeze. Resident and meter parking spots are numerous in number and are typically unoccupied. For those without wheels, the MBTA Blue line train services the area, with stops at Wonderland, Revere Beach, Beachmont, Suffolk Downs, Orient Heights, Wood Island, Airport, and Maverick before diving under Boston Harbor and resurfacing with stops at the Aquarium, State Street, Government Center and ending at Bowdoin. The State Street Blue Line stop provides access to the Orange Line. The recent closing of Government Center has stripped Blue Line riders of their contact to the Red and Green Lines. To remedy this lack of accessibility, there’s been a proposal to extend the Blue line one more stop to Charles/MGH, which would hook rider back up with the Red Line
Restaurants such as El Paisa, El Penol and Restaurante Montecristo provide residents with a taste of the local flavor. Easy access to Downtown and the North end via the Blue Line opens up the food selection exponentially; giving Eastie access to fine Italian dining and Boston staples such as Legal Seafood’s, Joes American Bar and Grill and Bertuccis. Waterfront regions of the city such as Jefferies Point and Eagle hill offer unrivaled skyline views of Downtown Boston. The piers, parks and small beaches that dot the East Boston coastline make these areas a desirable spot for families, young professionals and students alike.

Using the services of a knowledgeable real estate agent with exclusive listings in the East Boston Area can do wonders for making your making your apartment search successful. With databases controlling massive amounts of listings and abundant landlord relationships at their disposal, real estate agents found on have the ability to find you the perfect mix of quality, value and location in your new home. is part of the largest real time apartment database in MA (BostonPads) with over 121,000 apartment listings and more than 14,700 landlords in the Greater Boston Area. Also you can check out the East Boston Pads Facebook page at