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Symphony Boston MA Apartment Availability Rate at 2.57%

SymphonyApartments.com has completed an in-depth study of the Symphony MA area and has found the vacancy rate to stand at 2.57%. Symphony Apartments indexes over 2,059 units in the Symphony area. Of those 2,059 units, 53 are currently available for rent. Luxury units utilize internal leasing staff and often provide fluctuating vacancy rates, and for this reason, they were purposely omitted from this study.

Renters looking for the best bang for their buck should consider anything over a 2 bedroom. The average price of a studio and one bed can range from $1500-$2200 on average. Two beds on average range from $2800-$3800. With three beds and higher, one can get an apartment closer to the $1000 per person range.

Renters are drawn to a hip nightlife and an easy commute both into and out of Boston. The MBTA green line services many of the central areas of Symphony while MBTA bus lines canvas some of the more suburban areas. Sections of Symphony afford car-owners easy on-street parking as well as direct access to many major roads including Huntington Avenue, Gainsborough Street, Hemenway Street, and Massachusetts Avenue. A commuter rail station (in Ruggles) is also here for those looking for easy and affordable access points.

Renters who are looking to travel into the city can expect T commutes as short as 10 minutes into the heart of Boston. For those looking to find local entertainment, great local bars are easy to find. Symphony is home to multiple local bars and with close proximity to the Prudential Center and Back Bay, entertainment and nightlife is incredibly easy.

This 2.57% vacancy rate is higher than expected this time of year. Real time vacancy rates are usually much lower in the fall than they are during the peak rental periods when most apartments turn over. What happened with the market this year towards the end of the summer was not expected by many; a lot of units, especially in the Symphony MA area went vacant. Many landlords have started paying the broker fee and cutting prices dramatically to compete with the local market. The problem for landlords is that there is not many people still looking for an apartment in Boston. Owners for once do not have the upper hand in this market, and renters should consider seeking the professionalism and expertise provided by local agents, who know all the inventory. The agents found on SymphonyApartments are experienced in a variety of rental markets and can often find deals that solo apartment hunters cannot. Professional real estate agents found on the Symphonyapartments.com website have access to over 122,260 listings and over 15,030 landlord phone numbers, and will often contact them frequently trying to get the first jump on an apartment before or as it is coming to market. Agents also ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly and presented to choosy owners in the best possible light. In order to avoid the headache and frustration that is inevitable in this year’s apartment hunt, consider reaching out to the experts found at Symphony Apartments.

If you are an owner with a currently vacant apartment, it is imperative to stay informed on current market trends. The experts found on Symphony Apartments have over 2,059 listings in the Symphony MA area to compare in order to help price your income property to stay competitive in this tight market.

SymphonyApartments.com is part of the BostonPads.com network, the largest real time apartment database in MA with over 122,262 apartment listings and more than 15,030 landlords in the Greater Boston Area. To learn more about the Symphony real estate market, check available listings, explore investment opportunities, or get in touch with a qualified agent, visit SymphonyApartments.com

Brighton MA Apartment Availability Rate is at 2.57%!

As March comes to a close the real time apartment vacancy rate in Brighton, Boston, MA is 2.57% according to the BostonPads database. The vacancy rate includes apartments that are either vacant and/or currently available for rent. The Brighton area encompassing, Boston College, Brighton Center, Cleveland Circle, North Brighton, Oak Square and Washington Street includes a total of 206 active available apartments. The 2.57% is based on analyzing the data of over 7,551 apartment listings in the Brighton area. The real time vacancy rate does not include data gathered from large luxury buildings, as they were purposely omitted to ensure the highest accuracy of data. The Bostonpads database continuously gathers data through its network of sites and is the largest real time apartment database in New England.

The Brighton MA area is an extremely popular community offering a variety of housing options such as, privately owned homes, multi-family homes, large apartment complexes and professionally managed buildings. It is an extremely popular area for families, professionals and students due to its dynamic neighborhoods and reasonable cost of living.

Another desirable aspect of Brighton is its widely accessible public transportation. The MBTA Green Line B Branch extends through Commonwealth Avenue to the Boston College area of Brighton. The C line extends from Cleveland Circle to North Station. MBTA buses are another excellent option for public transport within the Boston area. The 57 Watertown Yard bus includes stops in Brighton Center, Newton Corner and Kenmore Square. The 64 University Park bus line reaches Cambridge Kendall/MIT area via North Beacon Street. While the Brighton Center bus will take riders to Kenmore Square through Brookline Village. There are also two express bus routes to downtown Boston ideal for work commutes in the morning and evening. The 501 Express Bus Brighton Center reaches downtown via Oak Square and the Massachusetts Turnpike. The 503 Express Bus – Brighton Center reaches Copley Square via Oak Square and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Brighton, Boston’s northwestern neighborhood annexed in 1873, offers a smaller community environment with all of the amenities of nearby downtown Boston. Public libraries, parks, the Charles River, Chestnut Hill Reservoir and private educational institutions are all available amenities in Brighton. The Boston Public School system includes a separate public high school for the community, Brighton High School. Saint Elizabeth Medical Center apart of the Steward Health Care System is located on Cambridge Street in Brighton.

Many commercial and small businesses call Brighton home. This list includes, the New Balance world headquarters, Boston College, WGBH, and a variety of family owned restaurants, grocery stores and bars.
For anyone interested in a smaller community accessible to Boston’s cosmopolitan center, Brighton is an excellent option. To find the best apartment in the area it is incredibly valuable to find a real estate agent familiar with multiple neighborhoods within Brighton. A knowledgeable agent from www.BrightonPads.com can find the best apartment nearby public transit and other amenities.

How to avoid moving home after graduation

1) Use an online resource to match-up with housemates. There are plenty of websites such as Craigslist, BackPage, University Websites and other classified pages that can help you find a roommate. If having your own room is out of the question, consider sharing space with someone else so that both of you can stay within your budgets! In the Boston area, lots of people find their roommates on Facebook as well. 2) Work a part time job while in college and save money for graduation. By working a part time job while in school, you will be able to allocate money for graduation and have enough to live on your own for some time! Even if it is a minimum wage job, by saving 20-25% of your income in a savings account or basic money market account, you will be able to afford rent upon graduation! Another thing to consider is getting a flexible job like being an apartment leasing specialist while being a Boston area student. Find a reputable agency that rents the most apartments each year and consider working there to generate additional monies. 3) Invest in the stock market or real estate while in college and sell after graduation. Make an up front investment when arriving in college and then dump it when you graduate! If you are tight on cash, the stock market may be a better idea since it typically has a lower amount of initial investment required. Real estate is always a great opportunity as well, as properties have potential to rise in value and show massive returns in your time at school! Be careful with aggressive investments though, markets can sometimes crash and there is potential to lose money. Each year countless students buy properties either on their own or with the help of their financial supporters/family and own instead of renting. 4) Live with an older sibling. While this may not be the most glamorous option, it sure is better than living with your parents! Depending on what the age gap is between you and your sibling, sometimes this works well for people. Depending on your relationship, you may be able to get free rent out of the deal too! 5) House-sitting opportunities. Some business professionals or retired couples will take the entire summer off and go to Florida or another tropical location! If you check your local classified ads, sometimes you can be paid to make sure the lights are on and there is slight activity in an unoccupied house. What’s better than getting paid to live in your own temporary house? 6) Take a year off from college and work a high paying job that can pay off your loans and give you leftover money. After your junior year of college, consider taking a year off and working full time! Whether it is a co-op, an internship or a temporary full time job, the experience will help you when you graduate and the money on the side can’t hurt either! Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed.com, Craigslist and BostonRealEstateJob.com can help you find different types of jobs, many of which are entry-level! 7) Travel. Traveling upon graduation is a great opportunity that many young professionals choose. There are not many times in your life when you can pick everything up and go to another city or another country. A decade from now, you may be settled down with a family and have other important factors to tend to. Traveling while you’re young can be a cost-effective way to spend your time upon graduation! 8) Explore affordable options on Boston’s largest apartment database, BostonApartmentNetwork.com. Contact a local real estate agent who knows pricing in different areas! By looking through Boston’s (and New England’s!) largest apartment database, www.bostonapartmentnetwork.com, powered by the BostonPads network of websites, you can find affordable options in Greater Boston! Certain areas of the city are more expensive than others, if you are looking for a free market analysis, contact an agent from that site and give them details on the price point you are trying to stay within! Qualified agents are available seven days per week and can help you maintain your financial goals through proven and reliable advice. 9) Spend less money and save it for rent! Instead of hitting the bars the third night in a row, maybe you and your roommates stay in for the night. Going out to dinner and for drinks may not seem like a lot of money at the time, but that money ads up quickly! By analyzing where you spend the most money and cutting certain expenses out of your lifestyle, you will be surprised by how fast the money ads up! 10) Move outside of the city! Living in the city is typically the most expensive place to live! If you want to live in Boston, chances are you will pay more than if you explore options like Framingham. The MBTA lines run to many suburbs of the city, and if you are trying to save money, you should consider other areas further away! A qualified real estate agent will be able to help you with this as well, which once again you can find on www.bostonapartmentnetwork.com.